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The Remnant vs The Watchers

This a wiki dedicated to the Christian comic book series The Remnant . We are here to act as a database of all heroes, villains and events of this superpowered world sent into an upheaval by the rise of the Anti-Christ before it's appointed time. You can get the Remnant comics at

The Remnant Wiki needs your help building out this community!! Every contribution is greatly appreciated. This is a great way to help get the name of The Remnant comics out there. Fell free to populate articles of your favorite heroes and villain's from the Remnant Comics. The best and most effective method of helping out is by visiting the Wanted Pages section to know what articles are needed. When starting a Hero/Villain article once you create a New Page then click Insert --> Info Card --> Hero/Villain Info (Template). You can use The Apostle Info page a template. If you have no web design knowledge and are intimated by the editing feature. You can still help out by leaving your the Remnant Lore information in the Discussion Section.

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